Product Overview


An affordable high quality microphone that plugs straight into your iPod, iPad or iPhone, with external power and audio output.

The original iTestMic is still available at a new reduced price


An external unit with various inputs and outputs to connect with your own microphone or audio equipment


A top quality Certified Class 1 (Type 1) microphone for turning your iOS device into a professional sound level meter

Connect any one of these devices to your iPod, iPad or iPhone and combined with the AudioTools app you're ready to go.

How to set up your own online sound level monitoring system using one of these devices and AudioTools

Other Products

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The Multi-Purpose Case

A secure and weatherproof container for the iTestMic, iPrecisionMic, or any other 3/4″ diameter microphone, and a number of different iOS devices. It is the perfect addition to the AudioTools and Studio Six Digital line of audio test equipment.

MPC-1 has laser-foam cutouts designed specifically for:

  • iPrecisionMic
  • iTestMic
  • iPhone 5, 6 & 7 series iOS devices (not Plus)
  • iPad Mini series iOS devices

There are also spaces to hold Li-Ion or lead-acid batteries, iAudioInterface2, as well as a variety of cables and connectors. There are cable pass-through cutouts between the different pockets to allow routing cables between the iOS device and the audio device, and the battery or AC power supply.

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