MAS Environmental - Wind farm noise annoyance study

The six audio clips below all contain sounds generated by a wind farm.

In some clips there are also other sounds such as distant road traffic and the sound of the wind in the trees. Imagine that you live near to the wind farm, that sometimes the sound in these clips might last for an hour and other times it might last all night.

This survey is now over. Thank you to all who took part. The results of the survey will be published on our website, if you would like to be notified when they are available please email us.

Listen to the audio clips below and then rate them for annoyance

Please listen to the whole clip: you can listen to each clip as many times as you like.

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Note: Audio clips are randomised each time the page is visited.

When you have finished, please fill out the form below

Do you live or have you ever lived near to a wind farm?

We would welcome any additional feedback you can give on why you find any of the samples more or less annoying than others.

By submitting your response you will be helping us study the effects of wind farm noise and psycho-acoustics. We will publish this in due course and if you would like a copy then please provide your email address in the comments section above. Individual results will be stored securely, anonymised and no identifying information will be collected.

You understand that by submitting this information you are taking part freely and voluntarily in MAS Environmental's research of wind farm noise. If you've changed your mind and don't want to take part any more you can withdraw freely without any negative consequences simply by closing the webpage.

Choose a rating

Please rate the sample out of 10 for annoyingness / intrusiveness.

8Very annoying
0Not noticeable

It does not matter whether you consider there is or is not much of a difference between the samples as human responses vary and this is all part of the exercise. You may give them all a similar rating (similarly acceptable 2/10 or similarly unacceptable 8/10 for example) or you may rate them very differently. You might think that one sample is very annoying (10/10) compared to another sample which you think would not bother you at all (1/10). All are valid responses. Please judge your personal response based on how you rate or consider the sounds and not on what you might think is expected.