The Investigation of Sewers and Drains. This workshop aimed at Environmental Health Practitioners concentrates on existing defective or insufficient drainage and sewerage systems; the application and exercise of remedial powers and the Council's duties, (including Statutory Nuisance provisions). The course is directed at which power / provision to use, formulation of an appropriate notice, who to serve upon and the use of other remedial approaches.

There is an added option of a 2 day course involving a day of practical training from Saniman training at discount.

Mike Stigwood provides this one-day workshop for local government and private environmental health officers and technical assistants about the processes, powers and challenges of investigating drainage including:

  • Investigation of sewers and drains
  • Definitions and general rules
  • Duties and powers
  • Significant legislative changes
  • Public vs private sewers
  • Main local authority powers and provisions. Including power of examination of drains, power of entry, etc.
  • Rights and restrictions of owners/occupiers.
  • Water Services Regulation and the Public Health Act
  • Building and Curtilage
  • Easements and Ownership
  • Highway sewers and drains
  • Cesspools
  • Sewerage issues
  • Statutory Nuisances
  • Ponds, Ditches, Watercourses and Statutory Nuisance
  • Notices
  • Appeals and matters of dispute
  • Building Regulations issues
  • Offences and breaches actionable by the local authority
  • Sewer Maps
  • Reconstruction or Repair
  • Relevant Case law

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