As part of our ongoing research and interest in noise generated by wind turbines and wind farms we would be very interested to hear from anyone experiencing unusual or intrusive noise from wind developments.

Known Wind Farm sites causing or known to have caused complaints

We have compiled a list of over 30 wind farms across the UK that we are aware of as generating Amplitude Modulation (AM).  See below

At MAS Environmental we have currently measured unreasonable wind farm noise or been asked to investigate complaints of noise from wind farms at 13 developments including Bicker Fen, Blaen Bowi, Coldham, Darracott, Delabole, Fullabrook, Deeping St Nicholas, North Pickenham, Red Tile and Swaffham. The occurrence of AM is often noted by the industry as rare; the table below contains only wind farms generating AM of which MAS are aware due to written evidence. We understand there are many other cases. As can be seen from the table below, the occurrence of AM is not specific to turbine make, model, size, rated power or number of turbines.

Table updated September 2015

Wind Farm Location MW per turbine No. of turbines Hub Height (m) Reference
Aggregate Ind Newquay Cornwall 0.5MW 1 59 Audio examined
Alltwalis Carmarthenshire 2.3MW 10 65 Statement from complainant - clear case
Askham Cumbria 660kW 7 40 Salford - clear case added
Site B Banff and Buchan ANON     Confirmed AM by resident - anonymous at moment 
Bears Down Cornwall 600kW 16 30 Salford - clear case added, recent complaints from residents
Bicker Fen Lincolnshire 2MW 13 59 Statement from complainant - clear case
Black Law, Forth South Lanarkshire 2.3MW 42 82 Reported by others
Blaen Bowi Carmarthenshire 1.3MW 3 46 Salford - clear case but not added
Carland Cross Cornwall 400kw 15 30 In ETSU-R-97 and Salford - now repowering and complaints received from residents
Cairnmore  Aberdeenshire 850kW 3 55 Information on complaints is second hand
Carn Road County Fermanagh (NI) 250kw 1 42 Complaints from residents lodged with planning application to increase noise limits of original approval of turbine
Causeymire Highland 2.3MW 21 60 In Salford but not added by Salford
Coal Clough Lancashire 400kw 24 30 In ETSU-R-97 missed in Salford
Cold Northcott Cornwall 300kw 22 25 In ETSU-R-97 - in Salford but not added by them
Coldham Cambridgeshire 1.75MW 8 60 Statements from complainant matches AM
Conisholme East Midlands 800kW 20 65 Evidence from others
Cregan Gate Cornwall 50kW 1 25 Complaints from residents
Cotton Farm East Anglia 2MW 8 80 MAS have measured EAM
Cruach Mhor Argyll & Bute 850kw 35 45 Salford - but not added
Crystal Rig Scottish Borders 2.3MW 51 + 9 60 + 80 Evidence from others
Dalswinton  Dumfries 2MW 15 80 Confirmed by the LA and affected resident
Darracott Devon 850kW 3 50 Complaints by residents of AM clearly ID AM
Deeping St Nicholas Lincolnshire 2MW 8 59 In Salford and added, MAS confirmed
Delabole Cornwall 2.3MW 4 99 (tip) Direct complaints and advice of acoustician
Site C / D / E ANON     64 MAS have measured EAM
Site F ANON 275kW 1 55 MAS have measured EAM and significant tonality
Forestmoor, Bradworthy Devon 1MW 3 48 Evidence of others
Four Burrows Cornwall 300kW 15 30 In Salford - 'another' noise complained of
Fullabrook Devon 3MW 22 65 Complaints by many residents of AM, post Salford
Gedney Marsh (Red House) Lincolnshire 2MW 6 59

Indirect evidence

Glens of Foundland Aberdeenshire 1.3MW 20 46 In Salford but not added
Glyndebourne Lewes District 850kW 1 44 Independent source - see also article in Private Eye No.1334
Hadyard Hill South Ayrshire 2.5MW 52 60-70 In Salford, possible case, but no direct evidence
Hafoty Ucha Gwynedd 850kW 1 39-44 In Salford, questionable case, but no direct evidence
Harlock Hill Cumbria 500kW 5 35 In Salford, but no direct evidence
Hazlehead Yorkshire 2MW 3 60 Indirect complaints from residents - developer undertaking monitoring
High Volts County Durham 2750kW 3 60 Indirect evidence
Hill of Easterton Aberdeenshire 850kW 3 45 Indirect evidence / information
Kessingland Suffolk 2.05MW 2 80 Complaints and MAS measured, post Salford
Knabs Ridge North Yorkshire 2MW 8 58 Complaints and MAS measured - post Salford
Lissett Yorkshire 2.5MW 12 80 Controls introduced to reduce noise
Llandinam P&L Wales 0.3MW 103 31 In ETSU-R-97
Llangwryfon Ceredigion 0.85MW 11 40 Indirect information - complaints from residents
Llyn Alaw Anglesey 600kW 34 31 In Salford and WAS added
Lowermoor Water Treatment Works Cornwall 100kW 1 30 Direct complaint from resident
Lynch Knoll Gloucestershire 500kW 1 42 In Salford but not added
Lynemouth Northumberland 2MW 13 78 Indirect evidence / information
Mablethorpe Lincolnshire 600kW 2 65 Indirect evidence
Michelin Tyre Factory Dundee City 2MW 2 85 In Salford but not added
Moel Maelogen North Wales 1.3MW 9 50 Indirect information, in Salford but not added
Mullavilly County Armagh (NI) 0.5MW 1 27.5 Complaints from residents in local paper
Mynydd Clogau Powys 850kW 17 34 In Salford, possible case, but no direct evidence
Mynydd Gorddu Ceredigion 0.5-0.6MW 19 34-35m Indirect information
Site N ANON 50kW 1 23.6 MAS have measured EAM and significant tonality
Neilston Community East Renfrewshire 2.3MW 4 85 Internal AM at residence measured by L Huson & Associates
Newstead Cuminstown 0.8MW 1 49 Multiple sources of evidence from residents
North Pickenham Norfolk 1.8MW 8 80 MAS measured - residents not complaining officially
North Rhins Dumfries 2MW 11 60 Indirect information
Parc Cynog Carmarthenshire 720-850kW 5+6 60 When extended in size
Paul's Hill Moray 2.3MW 24 60 AM confirmed by independent acoustician
Penrhyddlan & Llidiatywaun Powys 300kW 103 45 Noise problems noted in ETSU-R-97
Red Tile / Warboys Cambridgeshire 2MW 12 59 MAS measured and complaints - missed by Salford
Roscarnick Farm Cornwall 275kW 1 32 Reported by residents as 'thumpy', turbine turbine off much of the time
Rhyd y Groes Ceredigion 300kW 24 31 Noise problems noted in ETSU-R-97
Royd Moor South Yorkshire 500kW 13 35 In Salford but not added, MAS heard
Site P - single turbine Pembrokeshire ANON     Confirmed by EHO
Six Penny Wood East Riding of Yorkshire 2MW 10 80 Confirmed by residents, complaints to LA, compliance measurements
Skelmonae Ellon, Aberdeenshire 0.8MW 4 64 Controls in place to reduce noise
South Sharpley Easington District 1.3MW 2 65 Evidence from affected residents
St Breock Cornwall 450kW 11 35 In Salford but not added
Swaffham Norfolk 1.8MW 1 67 Complaints and MAS measured, missed by Salford
Swinford Leicestershire 2MW 11 80 MAS have measured EAM
Taff Ely South Wales 0.45MW 20 35 Indirect information
Tallentire Cumbria 2MW 6 80 Direct complaint information
Tir Mostyn & Foel Goch Denbighshire 850kW 25 49 In Salford but not added
Trysglwyn Gwynedd 400kW 14 25 In Salford but not added
Wadlow Cambridgeshire 2MW 13 80 MAS have measured and confirmed with direct observations  
Walkway Wind Farm Sedgefield District 2MW 7 69 Evidence from affected resident clearly identifies AM
Wharrels Hill, Bothel Cumbria 1.3MW 8 76 Complaints by residents of AM, post Salford
Whittlesey Cambridgeshire 1.8MW 1 80 Turned off at night
Site X North East England ANON 15+ ANON Direct complaint evidence and measured data


Anglesey 2.3MW 2 60-70

Correspondence from Council


Many references derive from a study by Salford University in 2007.  Reference to "not added" or "added" means that there was evidence of AM but Salford did or did not include it as AM related in their study.  "MAS have no direct evidence" means we have not been able to verify the likelihood that complaints relate to AM.  If you feel we have missed a wind farm near you then please let us know

Deeping St Nicholas

The Deeping St Nicholas wind farm is generally well known with regard to the problems generated by EAM at Grays Farm approximately 1050m away from the turbines. Due to a settlement during High Court proceedings, MAS are limited as to what can be discussed but some data is in the public domain as identified below. The graphs and information below are taken from documents and information in the public domain prior to the settlement.

Lower frequency noise, such as AM, is often more noticeable within a dwelling than when external to a dwelling. This is largely due to elements of the building structure effectively blocking out mid and higher frequency masking sounds. This is well exemplified on the graph below showing the external noise level at Grays Farm, Deeping St Nicholas and simultaneous measurements with a first floor bedroom with the window slightly open.

Additional graphs showing measurements of AM at Deeping St Nicholas can be found in the listening room exercise document

North Pickenham

MAS are unaware of complaints to the authorities from this wind cluster and residential areas are further away than in other cases. Measurements on this occasion were not downwind and so this does not represent worst case impact. The graph in this case shows measurements relatively close to the turbines.


Red Tile

MAS were referred to this wind farm by a contact from another wind farm case and made aware of complaints of amplitude modulation (AM) at nearby housing. Located on farm land near Huntingdon this site is typical of a flat East Anglian wind farm site likely to generate AM.

The graph below shows measurements from the wind farm under meteorological conditions and at a time when AM is likely to occur. NB - this was measured 1450m from the nearest turbine which we have witnessed and measured on several occasions.


Swaffham, Norfolk

Measurements were made relatively close to the turbine and has been repeated closer to housing with similar results.  Complaints have arisen in relation to this turbine but it was not included in the Salford results.  The graph below compares the noise from the larger Swaffham turbine (green trace) with measurements from a medium sized turbine at Blood Hill, Norfolk (blue trace). The measurements of AM from Blood Hill fit with the description of AM in ETSU-R-97 and contrast the large turbine at Swaffham which is significantly in excess of the expectations of AM noise described in ETSU-R-97.



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