Public Entertainment Noise - The Effective Use of Controls

This course is directed at Public Entertainment Noise from the Environmental Health Practitioners viewpoint and role.  However, it should also prove useful to Licensing Officers.

This workshop concentrates on the use of enforceable noise conditions to control public entertainments and includes sessions on the assessment of premises, their suitability for entertainment, the use of practical controls and an overview of the legal constraints.

Course includes:

  • New provisions and powers
  • Regulated entertainment and relevant licensing objectives in relation to Environmental Health
  • Exercise on new powers and use of conditions
  • The process of Licensing, how conditions are used and approached
  • Case studies and exercise on PEL assessment
  • Team challenge on License conditions
  • Guidance
  • Enforcement of conditions
  • Assessment of the premises
  • Wording of conditions exercise
  • Temporary events

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