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Health & Safety is the welfare of employees in their workplace.  With the introduction of Legal Aid (in the UK), the many advertised "Accident Claim" businesses with no-win no-fee policies, and with increased awareness to the risks of work related injuries; good Health and Safety is more important than ever.  Poor health and safety costs everyone, resulting in money loss from sick leave, legal costs and repair costs and often permanent damage to the injured.

There are two main sources of bad health and safety, the workplace and the employee.  The responsibilities of both of these factors belong to the Employer and the Employees.  The employer is responsible for providing a good workplace and ensuring all employees are properly equipped and trained to act safely.  Every employee is responsible for acting safely and maintaining their equipment and workplace.

MAS Environmental offers all companies a full health & safety improvement service.  We can bring your workplace upto and above Health and Safety standards and ensure it is maintained.  We offer training for all members of staff, workplace inspection and risk assesment, signs and reading material.

Do not touch with wet hands - switch off before unplugging

Here are some simple health & safety questions, test yourself....
?    What is the first thing to do when you discover a fire    ?
?    What is the correct lifting procedure    ?
?    What are the vital checks to be made before using a machine    ?
?    How often should fire equipment be checked    ?
?    What does a blue sign with a white symbol indicate, (with regards to the symbol in the sign)    ?
?    What is the most common cause of serious accidents    ?
?    What are the three main hazards with electricity    ?

These are questions which all members of staff should be able to answer.  They are an example of the information taught on our foundation Health and Safety course.  Any employees without the training to answer these questions may be putting themselves, their colleagues and their customers at risk.

What is the most common cause of serious accidents?  It is slips, trips and falls causing over 50% of accidents.  A slip, trip or fall is often avoidable and occurs because of many minor events which build up to the accident which was "waiting to happen".  This is why risk assessments and regular checks and reports are so valuable.

What would you do immediately if you discovered a fire.  Hopefully it would be to raise the alarm.  Many lives have been lost by people who thought they could tackle the fire themselves.  Despite fire extinguishers being common throughout the workplace, you shouldn't use one until you are sure it is safe to do so.  That means that first of all 1) the alarm has been raised, 2) people have been evacuated from the building, 3) the fire is small, 4) you have an unhindered exit and very importantly - 5) if you have been trained in how to use an extinguisher and which type to use.  Were you aware of that?  Do you trust that the people you work with are aware?

With no project too big or too small, we can ensure your workplace is a safe, healthy and happy environment.

Health and Safety Training

We offer training for all different levels of experience and courses which can be of benefit to any person any company or person in employment. Details of all the courses can be found in Health & Safety Training.


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