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Terri Stigwood

Terri Stigwood is a qualified teacher and has been delivering food safety training for over 18 years and is well known in the University of Cambridge. She has researched the various methods and processes through which people learn and as a result her courses are always lively and interactive. Terri also works closely with clients advising them on food safety and HACCP systems.

Mike Stigwood

Mike Stigwood is an ex Local Authority Environmental Health Officer with 40 years experience in the field. After 19 years in Local Government working for a range of local authorities he left to set up his own Environmental Health consultancy, MAS Environmental, in 1994. As a private consultant Mike has provided advice and training for a wide range of industries and businesses including local authorities and the University of Cambridge.

He has a passion for all things Environmental Health and been involved in many food safety cases both as an enforcer and a food safety adviser. He is a keen cook and enjoys trying different methods and has spent many years focusing on the sous vide method of cooking. He has undertaken research on the theoretical side looking at thermal death time (a concept used to determine how long it takes to kill a specific bacteria at a specific temperature) and how sous vide cooking can be practically carried out safely in a working kitchen.

Drawing from his knowledge and experience as an enforcer, food safety consultant and cooking-for-fun he has written this course to assist local authority officers when carrying out inspections, trainers when delivering food safety advice, head chefs who currently use the method or wish to introduce the method into their kitchen and for anyone with an interest in this method.

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Anyone attending one of our courses will receive the latest up-to-date information and training.

Courses can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.  If you would like further details either telephone 01223 441671 or 510430 or contact us by post or email. Details below.

IMPARTIAL ADVICE and training are provided on the requirements for HACCP Systems, which can be specifically targeted to suit your business - we can deal with any issues from premise design to operational issues and enforcement problems.  If you would like to discuss courses or any other Environmental Health issues telephone for an informal discussion.

We also involve other trainers who are qualified EHOs or experts involved in various areas of the Industry.  In this way we can provide expertise, advice and assistance on environmental health issues.

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