This wind farm was accepted in court by the wind farm developer to be causing a noise nuisance at several neighbouring properties.

This virtual listening experience allows you to hear what the noise from the wind farm was like inside and outside at three of the affected dwellings. Click on each receiver (inside or outside) to bring up the interactive graphs for each location.

280m 1030m 1070m


Disclaimer regarding the audio playback:

  1. It is strongly advised to read our page regarding Listening online - important information
  2. Additionally, very low frequencies (< 30Hz) have been removed to allow a higher gain setting on the audio file. Most speakers and headphones are not able to reproduce these low frequencies and therefore it does not affect the listening experience.
  3. The audio clips used for all the graphs in this study are normalised to the same relative loudness. This means that if you are able to set your audio output (speakers or headphones) to the correct level for one graph, they will all be set correctly, however:
  4. The audio clips for all internal readings are 10 decibels higher than the external levels. This is to allow you to hear internal recordings more clearly and compare them to the external recordings. Human hearing does experience a sound level perception adjustment that would occur after spending time in the quieter internal noise environment, however 10 decibels is not meant to be a direct simulation of this psycho-acoustic effect.

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