Food Safety Courses:

The courses detailed below are designed to meet the requirements of legislation. A report will also be forwarded to employers where requested.

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Food Safety Training in Cambridge

Food safety is an important issue in any food business.  Lack of training and poor understanding of food hygiene has been linked to food safety issues such as food poisoning and contamination.

The new Food Hygiene Regulations which came out in 2006 place emphasis on the training of food handlers.  The only sure way of meeting the legal duties is to ensure all staff attend our nationally accepted training courses, which are delivered in a lively, interactive atmosphere.

Below is a checklist of issues that food handlers should know:

  • The practices prohibited in a food room.
  • What protective clothing should be worn, why, how to put it on correctly and why.
  • When and how to correctly wash hands.
  • The first aid dressings that must be worn.
  • How food handlers contaminate food both microbiologically and physically and how to prevent it.
  • The importance of temperature control.
  • How to handle and correctly store waste.
  • The correct cleaning methods to avoid risks to food products.
  • The legal obligations of food handlers.
  • The consequences of food complaints / food poisoning to the business etc.
  • The importance of keeping records and completing them satisfactorily.
  • The prevention of pests, how to recognise their presence and reporting.
  • Importance of taking responsibility for their own actions.


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