Planning, like Environmental Health, is administered by your local council. Where there are noise or odour issues the planning officer will consult with the environmental health professionals. We are contracted to advise a large number of local authority planning and environmental health departments on a wide range of issues and regularly provide expertise at planning inquiries.

Advice on planning - based on local government experience

We offer advice on planning to both the public and private sector assisting local authorities, businesses, contractors and property owners. 

Our consultants have many years of experience working for local government environmental health departments and understand the planning process from the inside including the enforcement of planning conditions and abatement notices. 

Mike Stigwood has 18 years of experience as a local government Environmental Health Officer and now runs many courses training other EHOs. These are very popular with valuable case studies and detailed handouts.

Appearing at planning hearings

Our consultants have appeared at many planning hearings and inquiries giving evidence on noise and other areas environmental health impact.

Some examples include:

  • Planning application for a new housing development near a recycling centre
  • Installations of wind turbine near residential property
  • Motor sport noise affecting a wide area of community
  • Complaints of noise from a community centre
  • Change of use of a pub to allow live music

To read about cases where MAS consultants have been involved giving evidence check out our cases page

Objecting to planning application or appeal

If you are concerned about a planning application or appeal that is affecting you and your concerns are related to noise, odour or other nuisance, our consultants can offer you advice and expertise to assist you in this. 

Each application is different so please contact us to discuss your stiuation.

For a detailed look at noise and planning please visit our page about noise sensitive planning.

Planning law and enforceable planning conditions

Mike Stigwood, the director of MAS Environmental, trains other officers on planning law and has a thorough knowledge of case law that defines the current situation regarding planning and nuisance.

He also offers advice on enforceable planning conditions and how they become unenforceable due to being poorly written.  His practical workshops on how to correctly write planning conditions and avoid common mistakes are very popular.

For more information about our one day workshops click here

Noise impact assessment report analysis

We have a lot of experience analysing and responding to noise impact assessments submitted with planning applications, raising concerns about various issues including:

  • Highlighting the misuse of guidance on the acceptability of noise or possible nuisance
  • Showing the incorrect or inaccurate prediction or sound level using noise mapping
  • Providing our own expert analysis of the potential impact regarding noise

Sound testing

We have a range of equipment for testing sound transmission and leakage from buildings such as community halls and live music venues.  Our experts can then produce an analysis of the options available to minimise noise impact on neighbours or the wider community.

Prices vary based on your circumstances.  Please provide us details for a quote.

For more information about our noise surveys work click here


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