One day workshops on enforceable planning conditions

Mike Stigwood provides a one-day workshop for local government and private environmental health officers and technical assistants about the issues of enforceable planning conditions including:

  • The planning process and the requirement for planning permission
  • The effect of planning permission
  • What are and are not material planning considerations?
  • The role of Environmental Health as consultees
  • The decision process
  • Planning and noise
  • The application of Guidance on planning and noise
  • The approach to PPG24
  • Essential planning conditions criteria
  • Common planning conditions
  • Boundary limits
  • Management schemes
  • Breach of planning condition notices
  • Planning vs Nuisance
  • Relevant case law
  • Planning condition wording
  • Noise impact assessments and their reliability
  • Why planning conditions fail

This workshop is aimed at Environmental Health Professionals but would also be suitable for Planners. It explores the problems with controlling noise by the use of planning conditions. Practical sessions are included on the wording of conditions and their pitfalls.

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