An estimated 17,000 people in the UK suffer from work related hearing conditions.  At MAS Environmental we provide noise assessments that enable employers to meet the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

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Not sure if you should be wearing ear defenders or other hearing protection?

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Between 80dB(A) and 84dB(A). The employer has a duty to provide his employees with ear protectors if requested. The employee has the right to request suitable and efficient personal ear protectors. At 85dB(A) and above. The employer must provide his employees with suitable ear protectors and ensure that the employee wears them. The employee has a duty to wear the ear protectors provided and report any defects.
Employers are required to ensure appropriate hearing protection is provided including training on its use and signage.

Do I Need A Survey? How Loud Is Too Loud?

The Regulations require employers to take specific action at certain decibel action values. If noise levels exceed 80dB over a typical working day a noise survey an assessment is needed.  Even if levels are below this, longer shifts and prolonged exposure may result in hearing protection being required.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions it is likely that you need to undertake a noise survey:

  • Do employees work in a noisy environment, using tools / machinery for more than 1 hour per day or in an environment that sounds like a crowded restaurant / busy street?
  • Do you have to raise your voice to sustain normal conversation with someone about 2m away?
  • Do your ears ring slightly after leaving the work place and entering a quiet environment?

How we can help

MAS Environmental Ltd are qualified acoustic professionals and regularly undertake noise surveys to establish whether action needs to be taken in accordance with the Regulations. We use precision sound level meters to assess noise in the work place. Our consultants will provide feedback on existing measures in place to reduce risk and will recommend any necessary changes, providing expert advice on matters such as the appropriateness of hearing protection, noise reduction methods and other requirements of the Regulations. 

Our reports can be used to demonstrate compliance to employees and the regulators and help avoiding claims of work related hearing loss.  We can also help you undertake your own checks and surveys including the provision of low cost equipment we have sourced from the US. 

By undertaking an assessment from us you will be complying with the full requirements of the 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

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