1!In total 113 people took part in the "Test your Food Safety Knowledge" prize draw, and 23 people answered all the questions correctly. From them we have randomly selected 3 lucky winners. center>^*The first prize* - Meal Voucher for two in the Riverside Restaurant^ center>^goes to *Rachel Bailey*.^ center>*The second prize* - £20 off any course at MAS Environmental - goes to Becky Lakeman-Turner. center> center>*The third prize* - £15 off any course at MAS Environmental - goes to Tanya Ronson. Congratulations to the lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who took part in the draw. If you would like to know your personal score please contact Olga here. heading>Results The results of the quiz are below and the right answers are highlighted in bold. 1. Which of the following temperatures is classified as the danger zone? *a) 5°C-63°C * b) 5°C -42°C c) 37°C-75°C d) 63°C-90°C 2. Where should you thaw raw frozen poultry? a) work surface in the kitchen b) *bottom shelf of the fridge* c) top shelf of the fridge d) window sill 3. What happens to a food poisoning bacteria in a freezer? a) all die b) *do not grow* c) become active d) grow quickly 4. What four things are needed for the multiplication of bacteria? a) light, warmth, food and moisture b) darkness, warmth, food and moisture c) *time, warmth, food and moisture * d) carbon dioxide, warmth, food and moisture 5. What action should a food handler take if they see a mouse in the kitchen? a) run away screaming b) lay down cheese in an attempt to catch it c) call pest control d) *report it to your supervisor* 6. Which of the following pairs of items should you disinfect often? a) fridge handles and ovens b) *fridge handles and surfaces for preparing food on* c) surfaces for preparing food on and floors d) fridge handles and floors If you are interested in improving your food safety knowledge why not check out our courses?


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